Day 170 of Project 2015

We went to a friend’s place for a dinner party and a games night. They’re moving to QLD at the beginning of next month and this was kind of our last opportunity to see them.

These friends are the ones we are doing our “Eating Our Way Around the World in Sydney” – basically going from A-Z and picking a country from that letter and trying that cuisine at a Sydney restaurant. So we’ve had Afghani, Burmese, Ethiopian, Jamaican and plenty more …. And we stopped at L on Friday night with Lebanese.

The next one is M and we are aiming to fly to Brisbane before the year is out to achieve it… (possibly.. maybe… we’ll see).

So we lose more friends that we can hang out with. Our “associations” are getting smaller as people move away… or start having kids and understandably not have time to just go out as often.

Time to make new friends 🙂

Summary of June 19


Having a games night at our friend’s house. We have never done this before. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

As we learned on the Camino, everyone is at different stages in their lives. We need to respect that… just like we are at a different stage to others in our lives. We all have different priorities so there really is no need for us to feel sorry for ourselves that we are “losing” another friend because of distance! 


4 thoughts on “Day 170 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    Have you seen the movie ‘Walking the Camino’ which follows six different people on their walk? (currently showing in Brisbane in one small cinema but maybe an older release)


    • Yes, we have heard about it… we haven’t really because we have our memory of the Camino and we LOVE looking at photos of other peoples… but for some reason, we prefer the “moving” memories of our Camino to be ours and not blend with someone else’s. Does that kind of make sense?? It’s hard to describe but we don’t want ours to be diluted because we have watched others stories.

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