Day 165 of Project 2015

The weekend comes and the weekend goes!

One of our nephews had his first Holy Communion today and following our Camino experience – it felt very significant for us to be there and witness a milestone sacrament happening.

Maybe it is us getting older or maybe it’s just getting more mindful…. but we are learning to appreciate things so differently now.

We talked as we often do about deep and meaningful things in life. Today it was about getting old… about dying… And we talked about how we hoped that we could live a fulfilled life. One where we won’t be scared to get old. We don’t want to live a life of fear. We just want to live day by day and enjoy it for what it is and never look back, wishing we had done things differently! Because remember hindsight is a beautiful thing but you DON’T have it until it’s too late sometimes.

We don’t want to look back… we don’t want to look forward. We just want to be here… right now!

Summary of June 14


We had lunch in today. We very RARELY spend Sundays at home, let alone at lunch time. It is usually either with family, friends, date day and it’s not in our own home….

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Fear, worry, anxiety, anticipation, nervousness… all those feelings are ones we don’t want to feel. Just excitement for living another day 🙂 


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