Day 164 of Project 2015

It’s been a year since we were in Brazil for the World Cup. This time last year, we were in getting excited and ready for the first Australia game in the tournament.

And this year, we are lying in bed on a Saturday night, overindulged on Japanese food and churros…. feeling sorry for ourselves that we are not somewhere exciting right about NOW.

Oh well, life goes on and it has been a great year in between.

It was a wonderful winter’s day with the sun and blue sky out. We walked out in our thongs today! A shop lady did ask us if it really was that hot outside. And we admitted that we were holding on to any trace of summer.

Summary of June 13


We visited a suburb that we drive through often but never had a look through. We found so many cute little different style shops.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We had just “US” time today. It had been a while where we both had the day off and it were just the two of us hanging out. It showed us how important to not forget the quality time that must be had between couples. 


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