Day 157 of Project 2015

We are in Hervey Bay!

We had a mid-morning flight and when we were told that the way to the airport was BUSY and that we should leave early… we listened to the advice.

But then we got a second phone call to say that there were orange road signs warning of busy traffic to the airport, we settled on taking the train instead to be safe.

Upon arriving at the airport, Le realised she didn’t have her driver’s licence. In fact, she had no idea where it was. What a yucky feeling?! We were able to check in okay and everything and we off to Hervey Bay.

Upon arriving, we saw two familiar faces there to pick us up. Our Camino pals who we were visiting.

Summary of June 6


We caught a train to the airport. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The missing licence caused a 5-minute panic but with us about to board a plan, there was no need to panic. 


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