Day 155 of Project 2015

Two more sleeps and we are off to Hervey Bay. It has been ages since we stepped on a plane (at least it feels that way). And we cannot wait to be heading to that airport.

But we won’t get ahead of ourselves. We are still on Thursday…

David saw lessons we learnt on the Camino – he doesn’t let any obstacles phase him. Any hiccups at work and he manages to see the better side, the positive side, a clear head to solve the problem.

Traffic was heavy this afternoon when David came to pick Le up. We weren’t annoyed, we found another way.

Summary of June 4


Le walked several blocks to meet David so he wouldn’t have to wait in traffic to get to her work. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Traffic…. meh… not going to let it bother you. 


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