Day 153 of Project 2015

We both had ordinary days at work (nothing exciting and not bad either) The sun was out today, it was blue skies and although chilly, was ultra-pleasant in the sunshine. We were delighted when the weather stayed pleasant for the evening too because that meant we could pay a visit to Vivid!

In fact, it was a beautiful winters night and the sky was clear. The moon was full. It wasn’t too icy cold either.

The city was crowded with people milling around to see the Sydney Light Festival. It was great to see it again this year.

The display on the Museum of Contemporary Art was intriguing and engaging. While the dynamic show on the Opera House didn’t disappoint. It is somehow so calming to watch the lights dance around ….

Summary of June 2


We went out on a school night 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It really is lovely to be able to break routine and do something different when the days just start rolling into one. 


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