Day 151 of Project 2015

And so it is… the last day of autumn. Winter is coming….

We are not big fans of taking antibiotics…. ever. Especially with the rise in antibiotic resistance with superbugs… YIKES!

But for this particular bout of sinusitis(?), Le decided to start the antibiotics the Dr prescribed. With only 3 days of medicines, Le’s sinuses and head are feeling a lot better.

Now we are NOT condoning the use of antibiotics for everything. And we never have. Sometimes being pigheaded about a certain belief can make you miss out on the benefits.

Summary of May 31


While cooking, we both tried some red wine. We don’t usually drink but had a bottle that we bought for the dish. Admittedly it was just a cheap bottle for cooking – but man… we don’t know what the fuss is about.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Le is finally feeling better.


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