Day 146 of Project 2015

We came home after a long day and felt so exhausted that we wanted to head straight to bed so we did.

We didn’t write this post yesterday because we just didn’t want to. We chose sleep and rest over maintaining the daily project.

It has been freezing lately especially of a night time. So we both have very blocked/running noses.

Why can’t we be bears and just hibernate for the winter months? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Our positive attitude is being tested right about now. Almost one year ago we were counting down to Le quitting her job til David finishes off work so we could escape to the World Cup for some footy madness. And this year?? We are just plodding along to work.

Plodding to work so we can save up for a trip…. that’s the good way to look at it.

Summary of May 26


Being in bed hours before we usually do so we could have an early and long night sleep. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Rest when we need it. And there is no need to do everything to plan. Things change 🙂 


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