Day 145 of Project 2015

It was freezing this morning… the air was icy and the air sharp. All we want to do is rug up and stay in bed but that was not to be with work beckoning.

Today progressed slowly and we were happy to have it turn 5pm. We came home and enjoyed an absolutely delicious dinner: steak and vegetables. before settling down in front of the TV.

We finished watching Wolf Hall …. Having also watched The Tudors, it is rather interesting to see how different perspectives portray different stories. Understanding different sides helps understand people better. To see Thomas Cromwell not as evil as he was in the other showed us how easily our opinions can be changed by what is presented to us, given more context.

Man!! We really want to pay England another visit to see all these significant places in history.

Summary of May 25


We made mushroom sauce for our steak tonight and we made a frittata for lunch tomorrow. Haven’t made either before. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Don’t live with prejudice…. Always seek to find the truth.


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