Day 143 of Project 2015

We stayed up rather late last night to finish our Camino movie. A 20-minute clip of our experience. We have been so very close to finishing so decided to finish it last night, and that we did.

It is still very emotional and raw for us to look at footage of our trip. We long to be on the open road again… given half the chance now, we would jump at it.

So although we slept after 1.30 this morning, we had an amazing night sleep.

We woke up and sorted out the house a little bit before cooking up lunch for David’s brother, wife and three daughters. We had a great time together – they have been living further afield but have since moved a little closer.

Summary of May 23


We had David’s brother and family over for lunch and a play. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Enjoy each day for what it is. And look to the future. To move forward, we look forward – there is no need to look back and dwell. 


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