Day 142 of Project 2015

We woke up to crazy rain this morning. And being a Friday, we chose to stay in bed for a little longer to snuggle before we got up and raced around to get to work on time.

With our new lease on life, we have taken every working day as it is.

We don’t dread every morning and we don’t just count down for Friday. It is wonderful because we are not willing away our days. Our time on this earth is limited as it is so why should we fast forward it anymore!

Sure we get EXTRA excited that it is Friday…. but we don’t get “SAD” either when Sunday comes. Just roll with it while we can….

Summary of May 22


Le tasted Cadbury’s Vegemite chocolate today…. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Listen to your intuition. Tune in and follow it as you never know what it will bring. David parked in a 2-hour spot today and as he got out of the car, he decide (for some reason) to look down a lane way only to find that an all-day park had opened up. 


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