Day 141 of Project 2015

So we are writing this the day after… because well, when we got home last night and did a few “chores” and sat down to the write the post… the computer battery was dead so that was ANNOYING as we just wanted to do the write-up… Oh well!

We are actually up to date on Games of Throne Season 5 which is VERY unlike us. We usually wait until the series is complete and then get it on DVD to watch it all in one hit. But this week by week is definitely something different for us 🙂

Summary of May 22


We don’t have a side in the bed… sometimes we swap … and we have been on the same side for several months so last night we switched. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although we didn’t get to write up the post on the day we wanted – we didn’t let it bug us or feel that we have failed. We just pick


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