Day 139 of Project 2015

We heard news about one of Le’s godchildren. He has an infection in his bones… poor little guy. The family in general has had a rather rough trot. His mother made an interesting comment, she said, “I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as God!”

It is very hard to believe or have faith when you simply cannot cop a break from anywhere. And how do we as friends provide any comfort or support. What do we say?

We say nothing…. instead we tell them how super they are handling the situation and what strong people they are.

In situations like that how can we throw a brighter perspective… we can’t really! We can try to be positive but we can’t really imagine being in those shoes to try and “talk” them into a sense of the “bright side”.

We need a reality check sometimes…  not everyone is in a position to always look at the brighter side.

We were also asked, “So what’s happening with you guys?”

And the only thing that could be said was, “Rolling along. And anything we might want to complain about… well, doesn’t really compare.”

Summary of May 19


David picked up Le from a completely different spot after work. Thanks to rain and crazy traffic  but that’s ok… Le got to do some extra walking (exercise) because of it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although we have adopted this attitude and philosophy in our life, we can’t impose it on others. Everyone’s situations are different and what we consider important others don’t and likewise others find things more important that we do. 


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