Day 138 of Project 2015

We just saw briefly the show “Married at First Sight” which is based on relationships being a science.

It was rather interesting to listen to the facts and evidence because we wonder about our relationship. We were only in fact talking about it last night about it. What we thought, how we came about to where we are now, the first impressions and the early days.

To think back and wonder if any element was different, would we be here today?

And without a doubt, we know we would be. Everything happened the way it was meant to so that we could spend the rest of our days together.

It is the combination of us being together that has made us who we are now… we have come and grown a long way.

We found happiness because we bounce off one another and we support one another and we encourage one another. So it isn’t entirely true that “ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY”… the other person does help too 🙂

Summary of May 18


In David’s two breaks, he went for a walk and spent the time reading. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

That we found one another!


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