Day 137 of Project 2015

A relatively cruisey day today. Catching up with a friend for brunch and then dinner and board games with family 🙂

It is interesting to have conversations with different people. In our life pre-Camino, we found that people like to engage in conversations when there are negative elements… complaining about their partners, their work, their children, their lack of time etc etc…

The friend Le caught up with today expressed something so sincerely to her, she said, “I’m so happy to see that you have found your work-life balance. That is has worked out for you.”

It is quite rare for people to genuinely seem happy for you and then openly admit it! People will say, “Congratulations!” or “Well done!” when something good happens but sometime we don’t feel the sincerity.

There have been times where we shy away from talking about how blessed our lives are.. that we actually have no complaints in life at all.

Maybe we see things differently now… because we are actually believing it in ourselves about ourselves. AND we also don’t need another’s approval or even let what other’s opinions affect us.

Each day, we feel we are growing in the right direction. We are comfortable, we are happy! And it really is OK for people to share good stories and not be worried that other people will be jealous, will roll their eyes, will be pessimistic… We choose our own lives and how we react to the cards we are dealt.

Summary of May 17


David made lunch for tomorrow this afternoon. We usually throw something together the night before, never mid-afternoon or solely by David 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We do have a very fortunate and blessed life. We have loving family, great friends, a quaint and comfortable home, decent jobs, an amazing relationship and now we have happiness! It really is as simple as that, as long as we are willing to live in the now! 


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