Day 136 of Project 2015

The day was warm for an autumn day. Warm but windy. So we chose to go up to Palm Beach for the day.

But before we did all that, we needed to get some housework done.

When we finally made it out the door, we headed over to Spit Bridge and stopped at a place called “Heroes” which was diner style eating. We ate burgers and had a milkshake.

Once in Palm Beach, we went for a walk up to the lighthouse. It was a Grade 3 walk uphill…. 400 metres up all on slippery rock steps. And the views were magnificent up top. There was a rainbow in the distance, a seaplane, sailing boats… the only thing we missed was a whale.

Now we are settled down to watch the Swannies game.

Summary of May 16


We’ve been to Palm Beach and it was the first time up to the top. We also tried an acai smoothie for the first time. Another one of those super foods! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We were getting back to nature today and it felt really good!! The fresh air and the sun on our skin. The trees around us. Our eyes on the water. We couldn’t ask for more. 


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