Day 135 of Project 2015

It’s the weekend…. weeeeeeeeeeee!!

Now for the past few weekends, it’s been pretty hectic and manic especially after a busy and manic week too. So for the first weekend in ages, we are not jam-packed. And it is particularly pleasant especially following a week that hasn’t been socially busy either.

We can have some US time for a bit. But it starts tomorrow because Le is out tonight with her best uni gal pals.

While Le was out, David watched a movie on TV then whipped out his DJ decks and spun some music…. one of his loves in life 🙂

Summary of May 15


Le went to a restaurant we’ve never tried with her friends. And she wore a new dress that she had never worn. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We are the best of friends and although we have friends and family around us – we have MOST enjoyment when we get to spend time together so we always look forward to having some “just” us time in amongst the family and friends time. It’s healthy to get a mix but we LOVE our time and we NEVER get sick of it.  


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