Day 133 of Project 2015

Settled down to watch the ‘Wolf Hall’ mini-series. We love history… All types of history fascinates us. That probably is what contributes to our love of travel.

We have made lunches for tomorrow and cannot believe how quickly the evening passes us by. It’s bedtime before we know it.

With a quick calculation, we work out that we spend about 4.5 hours (if that) of our waking day at home. And we spend almost 11 hours at work and commuting to and from work. That is a HUGE amount.

Putting it all into perspective, we need to make sure our time together counts. It is about quality and not quantity.

Summary of May 13


On the way home from work, we were so hungry, we decided to stop in for Thai for dinner especially as the evening was so very cold. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Traffic was horrendous this evening and we were hungry as well. A breath of fresh air that we didn’t let it stress or bother us. We chose to talk about our days and let it be the last of our “work” talk. 


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