Day 132 of Project 2015

Le is spending a LOT of time on the trains with this new job. And it really doesn’t bother her because she gets to READ. She has made a personal pact to NOT play on her phone for the entire trip and instead immerse herself in the novel she is reading.

Break away from the mould of always having to be on the phone because everyone is either plugged in or scrolling away. It’s okay not to conform 🙂

It is fabulous for our bookshelf because that means that the books are finally getting read.

To be precise, she has finished about 4 books in the month since she has started work. Her goal for this year was 25 books and she is almost halfway there already.

Summary of May 12


David didn’t go to his usual workplace today – he went to a learning centre. It was in the completely different direction and allowed him some face-to-face time with a few students.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Less is more. The less time we spend on being busy, the more time we have on the important things in life. 


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