Day 129 of Project 2015

In the morning, we went car shopping… we are not in any desperate hurry to get a new car but we just wanted to look to see what was out there.

Then afterwards, we ducked over to the “Finders Keepers” markets which is everything that is new in up and coming arts and crafts. It was so overwhelming in there and crazy busy BUT my goodness, the amount of talented and creative people out there, really blow us away!

Tonight we went out for dinner with David’s family as it’s his brother’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day this weekend!

Summary of May 9


We test drove a few cars today as we are contemplating getting a new car. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We love giving presents! We love the moment – the recipient opens their present and the look on their faces (especially when we get it right).

And it doesn’t always have to be an actual gift to unwrap. It can be a hug, a smile, a phone call, a hello…. What you give is always good … But it is sometimes about timing – at a time that it is unexpected is always that little bit better. 


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