Day 127 of Project 2015

We both an unusual night sleep. It was full of dreams and we woke up feeling weird!

The day at work was uneventful and the day progressed as per usual.

It feels pretty good that we both stay calm and don’t let it bother us. We leave the work doors and that it’s – we carry none of it home. Work stays at work!

We spent the evening catching up on some Game of Thrones Episodes… and are almost halfway into the season.

The weekend is almost upon us!!!

Summary of May 7


David woke up early this morning (try 3am) and had trouble going back to sleep so he went and had a shave! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Don’t let our surroundings influence how we feel or react to things especially if the surroundings are not positive. Try and be the positive. As Lior Suchard said last night, “Think positive because you don’t know who could be reading your thoughts!” 


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