Day 125 of Project 2015

Great friends are hard to come by. The ones where we can talk about anything and we can be who we are with them. Talk openly and freely.

We have a number of friends where we feel that way when we get together. It’s just like old times and it’s never too hard.

We are so blessed that we have family and friends around us like we do. Our support network is amazing and of course the fact we have each other adds to the blessing!

Summary of May 5


Le’s best friend is here from Perth so she caught up with her at a pizza place called Frankie’s. It’s a really funky little pizza bar. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It’s so refreshing to see that as we get older, we naturally gravitate to people who have the same values as us… it’s no longer about the same interests but more about what is important to us. We are on the same wavelengths and love our lives for what it is. We know how to be happy for one another because we don’t compare our lives to one another, we accept our lives and are grateful! 


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