Day 124 of Project 2015

Wow!! Were we struggling to get up this morning or WHAT?!

We got up in the morning and did some exercise just to get the lungs working and the muscles pumping. That usually helps… but it didn’t! All we wanted to do was sleep some more.

Well, here we are at the end of Monday and we made it through the day.. eventually!

The moon tonight is simply stunning to look at. A full moon!! There is something about witnessing a full moon – We get the rush of emotion just looking at it beauty. It’s so elegant and charismatic almost, it’s gentle and almost nurturing.

Summary of May 4


To break up the day, we both went for a walk. David went as far as doing some sprints at the basketball court. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

When we are office-based, and we don’t go out for coffees or smokes, we end up locked up all day. So to be able to get fresh air in the middle of the day – it gets the brain feeling fresh again.


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