Day 120 of Project 2015

Another month is behind us… that’s one third of the year complete. A rather fascinating year so far… looking at each day slightly differently!

Our car was in at the mechanics getting a check up and David was able to get a shuttle into town. It was raining and they dropped him at Martin Place. And he started walking towards work, he came across a man looking a little lost and wet.

He sheltered the man under his umbrella, walking towards work. This poor “young lad” was from Ireland and couldn’t remember where he was staying. It turned out that the street David works on was where the Irishman needed to go.

Summary of April 30


Making use of the shuttle bus for the first time even though it has been available to us for three years.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

So although our misfortune was that David had to walk in the rain for a bit… it turn out to be good fortune for someone else. So there really was no misfortune after all! 


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