Day 117 of Project 2015

Monday is upon us once again. And that means a full working week ahead.

Le attended a work conference and then had work drinks and dinner afterwards.

David started the week with an ALL-DAY park…. HOORAY!

After one week of us being back into the full swing of things…. we can notice the slight impact it is having on us, in terms of energy, enthusiasm and mood.

Summary of April 27


We didn’t post anything on this blog. After a looooong day at work, we pretty much went straight to bed (by about 9). 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It has been a shock change to the balance after living rather unconventionally for 10 months. Now we are the “norm”, it was bound to feel abnormal. Maybe this is an opportunity for us to truly evaluate how we want to live our lives and do the “normal” thing or do what we want to do. 


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