Day 114 of Project 2015

Week one finished for Le. It went fast and shows how a little routine really does make the days go by faster… Dammit! Our plan to slow down time doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore BUT we will still make every attempt to enjoy every waking moment ūüôā

So we officially get a “real” weekend. We do have a couple of plans; but we will be sure to try and fill it in with some more stuff. More but maybe “different” stuff… let’s see how we go.

No point living by plans all the time… let’s wing it a little.

Summary of April 24


We have put together an¬†antipasto platter ¬†(for the first tim¬†ever) for David’s mum’s morning tea together amongst a few other things. We know you might read this, MUM, so we won’t say ANYMORE.¬†

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

David was stuck in traffic between his main job and his second job. It took him 1 hour and 15 minutes when it usually takes him about 40 minutes. He sounded “flat” when he called Le to say he had arrived. And she¬†asked him what was wrong. He explained the time it took him and she threw in, “That’s okay… it’s not that bad. That’s what I have to do every day now one way. Leave home by 7.15 and not get into the office until 8.30am.” And he replied, “True! That is a good way to look at it.”¬†


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