Day 108 of Project 2015

There was a charity book fair this weekend. After the garage sale, we had about 4 boxes of books that needed to be donated so we drove to the fair and unloaded the books.

We can never go to a book fair and not go in and sticky beak for what else is available.

We walked away with only two smallish bags of books. It’s all for a good cause and ONE can never have too many books to read 🙂

Summary of April 18 


We went to a different shopping centre to do our non-grocery shopping. We usually duck into the city or one down the road from us but today we drove about 15km away and we were so pleasantly surprised with the variety. We’ve found our new shopping hub 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Exploring new places and new things broadens our minds, perspectives and experiences. It is getting easier and easier to not fall into “doing the same thing over and over again”. The true test will begin once Le begins work….. how will that affect our lives? Hopefully, it has little impact to us living happily and stresslessly (we realise there is no such word) 🙂 


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