Day 105 of Project 2015

(published LATE thanks to no internet connection or even phone reception for the past 2 days)

It’s our little godson and nephew’s birthday! We started the morning bright and early down by the beach and it was simply a gorgeous morning!

The day itself turned out to be brilliant weather which we were NOT expecting. We busied ourselves with running up and down the beach, jumping on jumping pillows/trampolines, bushwalking…. the day went on forever (or so it seemed).

By the time we had dinner, we had a guessing competition to see what time we thought it was. We were all wrong. It was only 6.25pm yet we ALL thought it was well past 8pm.

Summary of April 15 


We said YES to everything yesterday. Whatever was suggested, we just went along with the plan.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The more we do, the longer our days seem. The earlier we get up, the more fulfilling our days seem. Don’t waste away the days. Do stuff and make the most of it. 


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