Day 103 of Project 2015

We were ambitious to WANT to do much today. So we chose instead to be lazy! Really lazy!!

Stayed in and around the accommodation and just relaxed, played games and ATE! Post-wedding, everyone was tired and overwhelmed by tomorrow’s impending lengthy car ride. We have two nights on the way back to Sydney… heading home via the coastal route.

For dinner we got together with most of the extended family and it was great fun to chat and be around one another.

We are both such introverts but we always enjoy a lovely social opportunity!

Summary of April 13


We had dinner in an old prison at the Royal Melbourne Hotel.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We learned it while on the Camino but it is always great to be reminded that having a break is a must in life. There is no need to always be busy, always doing something. The best days are sometimes simply having “down” time from the “everyday” type things.



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