Day 101 of Project 2015

It was a gorgeous day in Melbourne today. Sun was out, blue skies, no wind or chill in the air. It was like a spring day.

We went to Werribee Open Plain Zoo today and that was amazing. We had such a fun day out there exploring the different animals and enjoying the “safari”.

Every time we are in Melbourne, we LOVE it here. There is just something in the air that is full of goodness!

Well, Le was born in Victoria so maybe we are somehow cosmically connected with it J

Speaking of cosmic connection, here is a story we need to share.

We had made plans to meet with some friends on May 3rd . But then one of Le’s friends from primary school was planning to have a baby shower on the same day. So we rescheduled the lunch to May 2nd. Today we got word that the baby shower has now moved to May 2nd. We were dreading having to reschedule again. And within about an hour – Le got a text asking to move the May 2nd get together. So as it turns out, for whatever reason… us and these friends were MEANT to meet on May 3rd!

Summary of April 11


We went to Werribee Open Plain Zoo – we’ve been to something similar back in NSW but this was a lot better.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We have to trust that everything will work itself out. The more we tune into what goes on around us, the more things seem to all fall into place. It is putting our faith out there for the world and energy around us to do what it has to do.


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