Day 100 of Project 2015

We made it!!

To 100 posts which means 100 days of looking at life differently!

We also made it to Werribee after another mildly eventful day 🙂 And we also have driven 1000+ km on this road trip so far.

Many milestones today.

Summary of April 10 


We visited Shepparton. On the drive, we saw lots of billowing smoke (white smoke at least) – and we learnt that it was back burning. Never witnessed that before. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

So we sat in a lot of traffic as we were approaching our final destination because there was a bomb scare on one of the freeway exits. What was meant to be 20 minutes became almost an hour. But we stayed cool, calm and collected – thinking this was welcoming us back to Sydney peak hour traffic once Le starts work again 😉 


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