Day 99 of Project 2015

We are on our way to Melbourne and we have stopped at Albury. Although it was only a 5-6 hour trip but it took us much longer.

We left and had to turn back because we needed to check a locked door. Then the SAT NAV took us a round about way, then we had one of the cars have a gearbox malfunction, then had to get a hire car, then had a several baby poo accidents.

It was all happening!

What a start to the road trip. It can only get better right?! 🙂

Summary of April 9 


Driving to Melbourne and staying in Albury for the night. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

After the day we had, we can laugh about it. It was definitely tumultuous but we made it safe and sound for the first leg of the trip. 


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