Day 98 of Project 2015

Well, we are ready to go on our road trip tomorrow!! It should be a good week! Today was a great day – Le got offered a job! In a position that she started her corporate career in (for a different company though) and was a role she enjoyed herself the most in. After last year’s travel and sabbatical, she had a chance to reevaulate what she wanted to prioritise in her life and it was that she would do a job that would make her happy. She hadn’t rushed back into the job market for this very reason – that she wanted the right one to land when it did. Interestingly, this particular company’s name came up late last year and then again early this year. So when it came up again, this time, Le thought it was a sure sign. And obviously it was meant to be for it to have come through 🙂 Her life as a lady of leisure and “housewife” are numbered now 😉 Summary of April 8 Newbies We had an oven-baked meat pie for breakfast. It was more “brunch” time really 😉  Brighter/Different Perspective? This year, we have set ourselves some reading goals. David finished a book this morning…. and he let Le choose his next book for him. Usually he is a non-fiction reader or prefers philosophical books but Le chose him a murder mystery which he happily (not even hesitantly) accepted. 


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