Day 96 of Project 2015

A niece’s birthday party today, it was intended to be at a community centre but we couldn’t get access so the party needed to be in the park. Lots of creative solutions was required by all to try and make it work. And it did.

We spent the afternoon just lounging about the couch which was lovely as we haven’t really done that in a while. With our go-go-go attitude, we sometimes forget that it is okay to slow down and just chill out. The secret is NOT to end up doing that all the time and have the days blink away from us.

Summary of April 6


We are off to Melbourne soon so needed to empty out our fridge. With the bits and pieces left, we made a delicious breakfast. Some smoked salmon, an avocado, some scrambled eggs, sliced cheese  – all on some garlic naan bread. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We had to wash fruits and vegetables in the bubblers at the park. It wasn’t easy when the water dribbles out and the “sink” was so shallow. But we didn’t complain… we made it work 🙂 


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