Day 95 of Project 2015

Happy Easter! The day when we eat chocolate until we feel sick.

The morning started of early with a breakfast with Le’s family before we headed over to see David’s family for lunch.

The day reminds us a lot of Christmas… plenty of eating and running between the houses and the gift giving 🙂 It actually is the first year that we have realised that. Maybe it’s because we are paying closer attention to everything we do that little bit more now. We are more conscious of our actions.

Summary of April 5


Our niece and nephews had an Easter egg hunt this morning – we wrote riddles for them to solve so that they weren’t just racing around collecting eggs. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We saw a quote today that said “Meeting someone with the same mindset as you is rare.” And we are grateful that we have each other…. every single day! 


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