Day 94 of Project 2015

An early Saturday morning start so we could knuckle into housework.

We were able to watch the start of the Swans game before we headed off for dinner.

After dinner, we had an hour or so to spare and ended up at the pub to watch the finish of the Swannies game … losing dreadfully before pulling through an outrageous awesome final quarter to win 🙂

The game finished at about 7.20 and we had to race to the theatre as Les Miserables was due to start at 7.30pm….

To top off the night, it was an incredible show. One of our favourites but probably not THE favourite. The set design was probably the best we have seen though.

Also got to remember to change our clocks back tonight… we get an extra hour sleep…. YIPPEE!!

Summary of April 4


We got to watch Les Miserables 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

At dinner, a lady commented on how lovely Le’s coat was and how much she liked it. Just a reminder that complimenting people can brighten up someone’s day. It was nice to receive it for once especially in public – that is a rarity! 


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