Day 93 of Project 2015

We went to the Royal Easter Show today. It was wet. And there were a lot of people.

We walked around and around at all the different animals, exhibits, arts & crafts, sideshow alleys …. We only sat when we watched some of the wood chopping.

We were there for only 4.5 hours but we were exhausted by the end of it and we ended up having a nap in the afternoon when we got back home.

We don’t eat meat on Good Friday so it was a little hard finding decent food that wasn’t battered. We settled for a corn on the cob, some hot chips and freshly squeezed lemonade as our energy for today.

Summary of April 3


We haven’t been to the Easter Show in YEARS and also we had an afternoon nap. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We woke up this morning (planning to go to the Easter Show and of course hoping for good weather) and it was raining but we weren’t put off by it and still managed to head off by 9 🙂 


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