Day 92 of Project 2015

David’s finally on a break NOW! Wooooo!! And we are off to Melbourne next week so until then, we have a week to hang out in Sydney … doing whatever we want and then it’s road trip time!

We are actually so busy for the next few days and feel like we have been so busy over the last few weeks – we are still surprising ourselves with realising it is only April, yet we feel like we have achieved a LOT so far this year.

Everything from trying new restaurants, meeting up with friends, going away, and amongst all that… still doing “normal” every day life things.

We are almost at 100 days on our project and truly feeling the rewards 🙂

Summary of April 2


We chose to buy Oxfam Fair Trade chocolates for our Easter gifts this year 🙂 We are thinking of ways where everything we do, should somehow feed into the greater good. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Today’s message is to go with the flow. Everything happens for a reason and isn’t by “chance” – we should revel in the events that take place in our lives as it all works out the way that it is meant to. Live with no regrets and no fear. No matter what – smile, knowing that it IS the course that we have been put on. 


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