Day 85 of Project 2015

It is almost time that our car registration is due. All the different documentation  and insurance … Urgh!

We went shopping around to see who could provide the cheapest Green Slip -instead of spending too much time comparing, we used the handy calculator online to calculate and found that we could save about $20 if we changed insurers.

David suggested calling up our current insurer and asking if that the quote we received was the lowest. Turns out we knocked off some more. SCORE!!!

Summary of Project 2015 


Preparing  for the MASSIVE garage sale on Saturday. Setting up tables and getting things sorted into boxes. Trying to ease the madness of Saturday morning. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

There is no harm in asking… Le had a friend once who said to her, “By not asking, the answer is already no, so asks then you will know what the answer actually is” Makes sense why kids always ask questions…. They never know when the adult might say YES! 


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