Day 80 of Project 2015

We are down for a wedding in Berry this weekend – that’s a two-hour drive out of Sydney. We drove down after David got home from cricket and quickly checked in at the hotel, got dressed to head back out to the ceremony and reception.

The venue was so gorgeous. The furnishings and décor were classic and romantic, vintage and elegant! It was a beautiful place to have a wedding.

We feel so honoured and grateful to have been invited!

Summary of March 21


Staying overnight in Berry. We’ve never done that before and it is probably something we should do again. Such a lovely little town which we have visited many years ago….

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Watching the couple say their vows and get married reminded us of our special day… 6.5 years ago now! We are so lucky to have one another and we express gratitude for it daily. We hug each other a lot every day and make sure we kiss one another often.

Research has shown that hugging 12 times a day makes a relationship grow….


2 thoughts on “Day 80 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    What a beautiful corner of the world – the buildings are just gorgeous, so full of character and well-maintained.

    I spent many a school holiday down that way at Gerringong and do miss it!


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