Day 74 of Project 2015

Sundays are always great as we get to spend the whole day together. We attended Mass followed by some shopping where we scored a few bargains.

For lunch, we caught up with David’s parents and enjoyed the afternoon playing our favourite board game ‘Sequence’. This is a weekly tradition (where possible) we have with the folks and we have such a good laugh and quality time together.

The day finished off with us now sitting down together and getting stuck into our ‘miniature’ puzzle. As bizarre as it may sound we find puzzling to be rather therapeutic.

Summary of March 15


David bought his first ever bow tie to wear at a wedding. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Today a topic of conservation over lunch was that of humility. A humble way of life is a happy way of life. It removes comparisons and ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and all that nonsense that goes with it. What counts is being comfortable within one self and happiness should come from within and not be sought by beating other people or from owning things. Satisfaction, pleasure and happiness are all very different things! 


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