Day 68 of Project 2015

The first day after a getaway (that involved a lot of driving) is really tiring. But David managed to get up and out for work as he usually does with much ease.

Le is coming down with her awful hay fever and her usual change in weather “cold” – such a nuisance. So she got up and had breakfast with David before he went off to work and she lay back down for a little rest.

The dreams came thick and fast and it was an unusual dream that was very very confusing. Interestingly, in the dream as it reached the point of realisation, Le woke up and was then ready for the day. It almost felt like Le had to draw that conclusion in the dream before she could be awoken.

So do our dreams actually tell us something? Give us signs? Prompt our conscious thinking?

We went to watch “The Second Best Marigold Hotel” tonight and really enjoyed it. Number 2s or the sequels, sometimes don’t cut it. But we thought this one did. Off to bed now for this Monday night.

Summary of March 9 


David got a haircut at a new-ish barber in the area. We’ve walked past the shop many times now and today we thought we would help local business by ducking in there.

Brighter/Different Perspective

The movie was a reminder about living in the now, “How much time do we have to wait..” for anything?? We never know. Let go of fears, let go of egos, let go of pride, let go of the past! To every opportunity that excites us, we need to grasp it. Oh, and the movie also prompted us again that we need to really visit India on our travels 😉 


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