Day 67 of Project 2015

Due to arriving latish yesterday and leaving early today and then minus all the eating we have been doing, we don’t ever really get to see Canberra much. Today we went to the markets and then Questacon.

The weather was wonderful and we saw hot air balloons taking off this morning. It was so magical waking up and getting such a beautiful view 🙂

Driving 3 hours there and back is extremely exhausting but when we have a good time, it is worth it.

Summary of March 8


Whilst in Canberra, one must… go to QUESTACON. It’s the national centre for science and nature – and probably designed for kids … But hey, we are big kids 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We acknowledge that it would be great to see more of Canberra every time we go down, but we just never get around it. And really, we never go to Canberra just for a getaway. We go because we have an intention, visiting people… seeing exhibits… attending conferences etc. One of these days, we will go, just the two of us and spend some quality time with the nation’s capital. 


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