Day 66 of Project 2015

We are in Canberra! The capital of Australia – and it’s a road trip with some friends. We left midway into David’s cricket and his team was batting for a win.

But we were coming to catch up with one of Le’s best friends here. It’s been a fun day, hanging out and spending time with people that we only normally spend a few hours with. It’s a different scale entirely when you spend longer with them.

It actually shows who true friends are if you can hang out for that amount of time and be entertained and enjoy ourselves. With still so much to talk about and say. In fact, we are writing this post at 1.30am, that’s how much time we have spent chatting, eating, laughing, catching up…..


Summary of March 7


It’s a first for us to be road tripping with some friends. We normally go away with just the two of us OR with family.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David didn’t get a chance to bat because he had to leave by 11am BUT it didn’t matter because no more wickets were dropped which means if he had stayed, he wouldn’t have batted either way. His team team did win!

Sometimes you don’t always get a turn but it’s the bigger picture we need to look at 🙂 


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