Day 65 of Project 2015

We made it through another week and the weekend is upon us once again. We started compiling our photo book for the Camino. And it really is wonderful reliving the memories.

Next on the agenda will be trying to write a book about our experiences. Every effort to capture and preserve our memories of the trip 🙂

We have a full weekend ahead of us so we better get some rest. The week has ended on a high for us – feeling in a good place!

Summary of March 6


David began reading a new book and Le caught the train to catch up with friends for dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The parking issue with the rental tenants in our block has gotten to the point where we have just let it go. It doesn’t matter if we have to park on the road. It has slightly been a little bit of a pain but we are not letting it bother us. We should be grateful that this is the biggest “issue” we have in our neighbourhood – there are much worse situations to be in around the world right now! 


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