Day 64 of Project 2015

It is full moon again. Another cycle to come around again. This month, we have less (more like nothing) to let go of so unless we can think of something, we won’t need to release anything for a fresh start next month. See??! We told you this project is working for us.

Being at home during the day sometimes calls for daytime TV. Today it was Dr Phil and he was talking about weight-loss. He mentioned the 7 keys to weight loss freedom and it was rather interesting to watch! It was great to see that his first step was “Right Thinking”. Definitely shows that having the right mindset can set anyone on the track to anything.

Summary of March 5


We are trying our hand out at making our own soy candles. Tonight, we are practising with some colours first. Just dabbling to see how we go. `

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Our brighter perspective for today is that thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow! YAY!! YAY!! and YAY!! Bring on the weekend 🙂 


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