Day 63 of Project 2015

It was much like any other day today. The sun was out, then it wasn’t, then it sprinkled and then the sun really came out and it became really really warm!

It’s been 63 days since we started this project officially and have we noticed the difference?

With hands on our hearts, we say YES! There seems to be less stress in the air, we smile a lot more, we hold a lot less emotional baggage and the weirdest thing is… even if we feel we should be annoyed about something, we are never really annoyed. It almost feel like we are being frauds/fakes… acting like something really matters.

The other difference is when there is something of annoyance, it doesn’t linger. We can actually say to one another “Let it go!” And we DO. We might have our mini outbursts, and our little tantrums, and then that’s it!

This project is proving to be healthy for our souls, our minds, our feelings and therefore us. We have finally freed ourselves of the worry of anything. We sleep well, we wake up, we feel much less tired…..

Summary of March 4


We decided to head down to Coogee beach this evening. It was lovely to walk in the sand with the moon almost full above us πŸ™‚

Brighter/Different Perspective?

A wise friend once told us that every day we should take the time to be grateful for 5 things. We do this before we go to bed every night and that in itself has grounded us and brought us back to really thinking about what makes us happy and what is important in our lives.Β 


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