Day 62 of Project 2015

David got his accreditation maintenance today! YAY! After months of paperwork and professional development, he has had it signed off. What a sigh of relief 🙂

Le got an email today from an old work colleague who jokingly asked her to come back to work there. It was a lovely message to say how much she’s missed and how she was not only a “very very nice person” to work with but also part of a dream team 🙂 What a real confidence booster.

Summary of March 3


We woke up early to exercise while we were watching an episode of Once Upon a Time. What a way to motivate us to wake up early…. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Sometime we forget of the things we do and how our actions do affect others in a positive way and how people don’t realise or recognise until that behaviour is missing. This just shows that although we don’t get instantaneous recognition or continuous acknowledgement, we are making a difference with everything we do and that even if ONE person notices that is enough. 


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