Day 61 of Project 2015

Let us share a tale from about 12 years ago, when Le was still in uni. She was having lunch and somehow managed to bite down on her fork and chip her front tooth. It wasn’t serious but it did break off some enamel from the front, so it was rough and “exposed”. So she had it patched and several years later, the coating/filling came off after eating a toffee apple. It got re-patched and all has been good until today!!

Le was making macaroni and cheese and pulled out the dish from the oven. All with crispy cheese on top. She broke off a piece to taste and crunched through a macaroni that had firmed up (possibly slightly undercooked) and the filling came off once again. Grrrr…….

Yes annoyance sunk in….but it was a call to the dentist who was able to fit her in. All fixed and sorted now, not one bit noticeable.

Summary of March 2


We played a brand new board game we haven’t played before at David’s brother’s place on a “school” night. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

After Le’s dental incident, she figured there HAS to be a reason for this happening. The reason is YET to reveal itself BUT the good that has come out, is that the dental work this time is much better (possibly thanks to technology). The tooth is completely smoothed over and the colouring is identical to her tooth. Doesn’t look like there has been any work done. 


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