Day 60 of Project 2015

March 1 – and we got a taste of both summer and winter. It started off really hot and then it rained and became breezy and windy.

It’s also the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s date day or night!! On a wet, stormy night, there is nothing lovelier than just staying in to watch some TV and hang out.

This morning, we dropped off Le’s aunty at the airport for her flight back to Vietnam. Saying goodbye is always hard and even more so at the airport. In the bustle and whirlwind that is checking in and filling forms and lining up – the emotions do get zapped and farewell become rushed. Sometimes it’s a good thing, especially when it may be the last time you see someone. It’s now 9.50pm and the flight should’ve landed. We hope she’s safe and sound.

Summary of March 1


After dropping off Le’s aunty, we went with Le’s parents to a restaurant for lunch and did some shopping. It isn’t something we get to do with them often, just the four of us. 

For dinner, we had an indoor picnic …. that was certainly different way to enjoy a picnic. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The way we saw our hard farewell today was simply that we were lucky to have had several months with Le’s aunty. May she stay healthy and happy until we meet again, either her being able to return here or for us to one day visit her in Vietnam. 


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